The webinar series MDR@noon offers all interested parties an insight into the relevant regulatory issues for the medical device industry. The entire event will be held in English, starts at noon and finishes at 13.00 h. It is free of charge for members of Swiss Medtech and ASD. Non-members can register for a fee of CHF 60.

30 March 2023

12h00 – 13h00

MDSRO: Reporting point for missing medical devices

In Switzerland, not only medicines are in short supply, but also medical devices. An estimated 15 % of imported medical devices are missing because, among other reasons, the manufacturer has not designated a CH-REP. While there is an official reporting office for medicines, this is not the case for missing medical devices.

Andrea Schütz (Prager Dreifuss AG) and Angelina Hakim (QUNIQUE GmbH) have therefore decided to close this gap on a private basis with the Medical Device Shortage Reporting Organization (MDSRO). During the webinar, they will explain how MDSRO is supposed to work and what advantages MDSRO offers: Based on voluntariness, the main objective of MDSRO is to support Swiss economic operators in obtaining exemptions, both legally and technically, and also to advise them on possible alternatives in case of supply shortages. In this way, the MDSRO makes an important contribution to the security of supply of medical devices.

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