Find relevant documents for Swiss Medtech membership here – including the Annual Reports, Statutes, Code of Ethics, Fee Regulations, and documents relating to the Compensation Fund (AHV) here.


The statutes are Swiss Medtech's fundamental regulatory framework. They are issued by the General Assembly. 

Ethics code

The Swiss Medtech Code of Ethical Business Practice (Ethics Code) governs the relationships of the member companies with healthcare professionals and organisations – in line with the Code of Ethical Business Practice of the European umbrella organisation MedTech Europe. By joining, Swiss Medtech members commit themselves to comply with the Ethics Code.

Membership fee regulations

The membership fee regulations of Swiss Medtech govern the categories and amount of the member contributions. The rules are issued by the General Assembly.

Compensation fund Swissmem

Swiss Medtech is the second founding association of Swissmem's compensation fund Swissmem. The general meeting decided to join in October 2020.