Swiss Medtech
For a strong Swiss medtech industry
SWISS MEDTECH was established on 12 June 2017 following the merger of two national medtech organizations, FASMED and Medical Cluster. The new association represents the interests of the Swiss medtech industry. The aim is to maintain international competitiveness, innovative capacity, and to strengthen the domestic market.
Image source: Swiss Medtech
Image source: Swiss Medtech

SWISS MEDTECH is committed to promoting Switzerland as a leading scientific workplace and centre of research by providing targeted training and further education programmes, symposiums, export-promoting services, and supportive measures for entrepreneurship. The Association also contributes significantly to ensuring quality-oriented health care with fair reimbursement rates and advanced innovation funding for patient well-being.

For attractive conditions
Through its collaboration with domestic and foreign specialist bodies, SWISS MEDTECH actively promotes attractive working conditions, the reduction of innovation-hampering regulations, and the safeguarding of international exchange in trade and research. The Association is able to exercise national and international influence thanks to its continuous dialogue with partner organizations, authorities, political bodies, the business sector, educational institutions, and the scientific community. Experts provided by member companies form over 16 specialist groups which develop pioneering industry standards and establish strategies, solutions, and opinions on industry-relevant topics.

Inform, advise and support
SWISS MEDTECH supports and advises members on regulatory, tariffs and legal issues, provides regular information on the latest developments and is continually adding to the national Medtech Portal and other services.

The SMTI Sector Study carried out by the Association and the consulting company Helbling, provides an important foundation and analyses of the Swiss medtech industry. With its 1,350 companies, 54,500 employees, sales of 14.1 billion, 2.2% share of the GDP, and an export volume of 10.6 billion CHF, medical technology plays a key role in the Swiss economy.

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