Usability and Human Centred Design (HCD) Specialist Group
For user-friendly product design
The competitiveness of providers increases through continuous improvements in product user-friendliness. The aim of this Specialist Group is to raise awareness of the importance of HCD for medtech companies, to train them in this area, and to establish an expert network. Members present proven usability engineering methods in specially-designed workshops. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: Swiss Medtech
Image source: Swiss Medtech

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Specialist Group Information


  • Improve the user-friendliness of medical devices through targeted usability and human-centred design;
  • Raise awareness of HCD in the medtech industry to promote sustainable competitiveness;
  • Establish a network of usability experts and an access platform for infrastructure services.


  • Organise knowledge-sharing workshops on Human-Centred Design (HCD) in medical technology


  • 7 members
  • Lead: Raimund Erdmann, Erdmann Design AG


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