Rehabilitation Specialist Group
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The purpose of the Rehabilitation Specialist Group is to provide optimal support people with reduced mobility; as well as to adapt the technology and financing of aids and services to their needs. A federally-recognized course for "Specialist in Rehabilitation Technology" prepares existing employees and career beginners for this versatile profession. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: BVMed
Image source: BVMed

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  • Reintegrate individuals affected by illness and / or accidents into their professional and social environments;
  • Offer advice and other appropriate services to individuals with reduced mobility;
  • Adapt technology and the financing of services to individual needs;
  • Provide basic education and further training in industry knowledge for employees and career starters.


  • Organise, implement, and monitor the professional examination for "Specialist in Rehabilitation Technology" with federal certification;
  • Develop reimbursement directives and tariffs with health insurance providers and authorities;
  • Establish guidelines and leaflets for patient-related care in the technical aids sector  


  • 92 members
  • Executive Committee: Willi Korrodi (PROMEFA AG) und Jean-Marie Filz (Rehatec AG)


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