Patient Safety Specialist Group
Targeted combat of hospital infections
Each year approximately 70,000 individuals contract infections in Swiss hospitals and nursing homes. To improve patient safety, this specialist group - consisting of SWISS MEDTECH and SVDI members - develops medtech solutions for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infections and antibiotic resistance. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: BVMed
Image source: BVMed

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Specialist Group Information


  • Protect patients better from infection;
  • Detect infections more quickly with diagnostic devices and IT systems
  • Implement medical technology to prevent the spread of resistant germs;
  • Establish stricter and more uniform hygiene guidelines in Switzerland


  • Collaborate with partners to develop holistic concepts
  • Further optimize the use of diagnostics and medical technology
  • Support the federal government's NOSO and STAR Initiative activities


  • 5 members
  • Lead: Giuseppe Palladino (Becton Dickinson) und Juergen Sigg (IVF Hartmann)


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