Reaktionen auf die Ankündigung der Medtec Live, auch aus der Schweiz

12.4.18 – 2019 soll eine neue Messe in Nürnberg entstehen aus dem Zusammenschluss von Medtec Europe in Stuttgart und MT-Connect in Nürnberg. "Als Organisator des Swiss Pavilion verfolgt Swiss Medtech die Entwicklungen der Medtech-Zuliefermessen in Europa und wählt für die Schweizer Aussteller die bestmögliche Option", erklärt Jonas Frey, Project Manager bei Swiss Medtech. Read more (in German)

Prepare yourself in time for the consequences of Brexit

12.4.18 – 30% to 40% of EU medical device market authorisations have received CE marks in the UK. These products may no longer be recognized following Brexit and the MDR transition period. Recertifications could also be delayed. A checklist compiled by Medtech Europe helps affected companies prepare for these scenarios. Read more

Consequences of the new medical device regulations for health care in Switzerland?

28.3.18 – For many medtech companies, the time period granted for the necessary adaptations until 2020 will probably be insufficient, and certain products may become unavailable. At the MDR/IVDR conference of Swiss Medtech and the SVDI representatives of industry and authorities will discuss possible solutions and cooperation models. Read more

BREXIT: Drohende Folgen für die Medtech-Branche

14.3.18 – Ab 30. März 2019 könnten britische „Notified Bodies“ und Bevollmächtigte ihren Rechtsstatus verlieren und dürften dann keine EU-Zertifizierungen mehr erstellen. Swiss Medtech empfiehlt betroffenen Firmen die Verhandlungen eng zu verfolgen. Read more

European Patent Office reports growing demand with Medical technology as top field

8.3.18 – The EPO received nearly 166 000 European patent applications in 2017. Switzerland again topped the ranking. And Medical technology remains the field with the greatest number of patent applications (up +6.2%). Read more

Medtech-Gehaltsumfrage 2018

5.2.18 Swiss Medtech will support klingler consultants in this year's Medtech Remuneration Survey which provides all participating companies with a deeper insight into the remuneration practices of the sector. Read more

Swiss Medtech Award - Invitation to Enter Competition: CHF 50,000 for outstanding achievements

1.2.18 – The Swiss Medtech Award will be presented as part of the Swiss Medtech Day for the first time on 12 June 2018. The CHF 50,000 prize recognizes outstanding achievements in the Swiss medical technology industry. Companies can submit he application by 28 February. Read more

Swiss medical technology – a stronghold for SMEs

29.12.17 – 94% of medtech companies employ fewer than 250 people. Read more (in German)

Swiss Medtech Code of Ethical Business Practice

22.12.17 – Starting 1 January 2018, direct grants to healthcare professionals for participation in third party organised educational conferences will be abolished, and transparency guidelines for documentation and disclosure will be introduced (see "Compliance", right). Read more

Swiss Medtech zum revidierten TARMED-Tarif

13.12.17 – Der Verband setzt sich auch nach der zweiten per 1.1. 2018 gültigen Anpassung des Tarifs durch den Bundesrat weiterhin dafür ein, dass der Einsatz innovativer Medizintechnik im ambulanten Bereich zeitnah und sachgerecht vergütet wird (unter "Weitere Informationen", rechts). Read more

Swiss innovation champion of medical technology

7.12.17 – From Joseph-F.-B. Charrière to Maurice E. Mueller: For two hundred years, local pioneers have shaped the history of orthopaedics and other areas of medtech with groundbreaking inventions. Read more

MDR / IVDR: Medtech Europe calls for measures for timely implementation

27.11.17 – The European Medtech Association expects that the EU Commission and the national authorities provide the necessary resources for the introduction of the two EU regulations – to guarantee the availability of Notified Bodies as well as seamless patient access to products.  Read more

Notified Bodies can apply for their names

24.11.17 – The EU Commission has published the Codes for Notified Bodies (NB) in the defined jurisdiction for medical devices. As a result, the NB (who certify manufacturers and their medical devices) can apply for their (new) designation following the MDR / IVDR on 26 November 2017, see "implem. measures". Read more

Combined products: highly innovative, but complex

22.11.17 – At the annual conference of Swiss Medtech and SFL's "Medtech & Pharma Platform", experts from industry and authorities presented the latest technologies and trends, and discussed the regulatory challenges in this growing interface area.  Read more (in German)

Diabetes: Promoting structured self-sufficiency

14.11.17 – Early detection is one of the topics of the todays World Diabetes Day. The purpose of the SwIss Medtech "Diabetes Self-Management" Specialist Group is to help people suffering from this chronic illness to become self-sufficient. Read more

Antibiotic resistance: Swiss medical device and diagnostic associations are committed to this issue

13.11.17 – Swiss Medtech's Patient Safety Specialist Group promotes Swiss objectives at the International Antibiotic Awareness Week under the leadership of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), and supports the NOSO and StAR federal initiatives. Read more

Versatile and Innovative Swiss Implantology

25.10. 2017 – Approximately 185,000 implants are utilised each year - for teeth, joints, eyes, the heart, as well as to improve hearing, etc. The technological developments also help create new occupational profiles. Read more (in German)

Sicherheit und Qualität der Medizinprodukte werden erhöht

25.10. 2017 – The Federal Council has passed a partial revision of the Ordinance on Medical Devices (MepV). The increased requirements match that of the EU, and will ensure Swiss manufacturers' continued access to the European Single Market. Read more (in German)

World Heart Day: Achievements in Cardiology

28.9.17 – The Swiss medtech industry has contributed significantly to the reduction of the cardiovascular mortality rate - which has decreased by approximately 60% since 1970. Read more (in German)

We bring our trade fair experience, ideas, and contacts to the table

15. September 2017, Peter Biedermann, Managing Director, and Jonas Frey, Swiss Medtech Project Manager, on the association's activities as a Swiss Medtech Expo collaborative partner. Read more (in German)

Know how to capture markets

1. September – Experienced CEOs, such as Gery Colombo and Ueli Breitschmid from the Hocoma Group, presented practical case studies at Swiss Medtech and «marcs group» Going Global Seminar in Aarau on 13 September.  Read more (in German)

Analysis of the partial revision of the Ordinance on Medical Devices

31. August 2017 – Swiss Medtech's position paper on the partial revision of the Ordinance on Medical Devices - in connection with adaptation of Swiss medical device law to the new EU regulationsRead more (in German)

Needle stick injuries: Sensitise, protect, report

18 August 2017 – Among the most frequent workplace accidents in health care, needle stick injuries can lead to serious infection. Swiss Medtech plays an active role here. Read more (in German)

Digital push for medical technology

8. August 2017 –  The potential for the healthcare industry is enormous. According to «Finance and Business» magazine, the major Swiss medtech companies are at the cutting edge. Read more (in German)

Patent-strong Medtech

19 July 2017 –  Swiss companies are at the global forefront when it comes to high-tech devices, 3D and robot technology, eHealth solutions, and combined pharmaceutical and medical products. Read more (in German)

"We want to be a powerful industry organization with one united voice"

12 July 2017, Peter Biedermann, Managing Director of Swiss Medtech, on the objectives, tasks, and organisation of the new association; as well as on the challenges facing the industry. Read more (in German)

Switzerland: Medtech Land of Innovation

4 July 2017 –  In mid-June the Bernese Kursaal Hotel became the Mecca of medical technology. Swiss Medtech Day, which was jointly organised by the new Swiss Medtech Association and the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), attracted over 560 participants. Read more (in German)

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