Medical Goods Specialist Group
For high-quality and cost-efficient supply
The group is committed to the optimisation of procurement, rapid access to medical devices and innovative products, as well as the promotion of structured self-care for diabetics. The goal is to ensure high quality care and cost-effectiveness. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: Anklin
Image source: Anklin

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Specialist Group Information


  • Promote high-quality efficient supply , incl. optimisation of procurement processes
  • Secure access to innovations and medical devices

  • Ensure timely reimbursement for products and utilisation financing of equipment

  • Promote structured self-care for diabetics


  • Create position papers and opinions, organise symposia
  • Provide brochures and YouTube tutorials for diabetes measuring practices
  • Secure membership in the Qualicare association
  • Participate in the MiGeL revision process
  • Collaborate on superordinate topics, e.g. basic training and continuing education


  • Over 60 member companies
  • Lead: Harald Schatzl (Mediwar AG)


Swiss Medtech - Office