Industry Specialist Group
Strengthening the Swiss medtech workplace
In addition to the strong Swiss franc, uncertain tax conditions and the increasing shortage of qualified personnel are increasingly detrimental to the attractiveness of the market and the international competitiveness of the medtech industry. The Industry Specialist Group is committed to promoting Switzerland as an attractive location to learn, work, and conduct research. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: Ypsomed
Image source: Ypsomed

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Specialist Group Information


  • Reinforce the workplace, research, and training opportunities for the medtech industry in Switzerland;
  • Reduce trade barriers and promote the free movement of goods with the EU;
  • Define and promote Best Practices for manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Support medtech companies in the implementation of MDR / IVDR;
  • Assist in the realisation of the Federal Council's master plan to strengthen biomedical research and technology;
  • Organise events for manufacturers and suppliers and enable their exchange of knowledge;
  • Collaborate with politicians and associations such as economiesuisse on issues such as tax reform, Brexit, TTIP, and the reduction of non-tariff barriers;
  • Represent the industry in economic missions and discussions of SECO / the Swiss Federal Council


  • up to 9 members
  • Lead: Simon Michel (CEO Ypsomed)


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