Swiss Medtech
Medtech Remuneration Survey 2018
How does the medtech sector pay? What does the competition pay? How do your employees compare to the market? Swiss Medtech will support klingler consultants in this year's Remuneration Survey, conducted once again for the medtech sector. The Survey provides all participating companies with a deeper insight into the remuneration practices of our sector and is conducted throughout Switzerland in both German and English.

Who is klingler consultants?

klingler consultants is one of the leading Swiss compensation consultants and offers solutions to all questions related to compensation practices. klingler consultants conducts several industry-specific remuneration surveys every year and stands for transparent, pragmatic and comprehensible results.


Key points of the remuneration survey

  • Nationwide implementation in German and English
  • Tailored participation options for small to large companies
  • Over 85 specialist and management functions in the medtech and pharmaceutical sector
  • Statistical evaluations of basic pay, variable remuneration and lump-sum expenses
  • Separate evaluation according to orientation and size of companies as well as regions and cantons
  • Understandable results, including a detailed report on current remuneration practices (including working hours, variable remuneration and career starters)


How does participation work?

  1. Within the framework of your participation, you enter your internal salary data into a survey file provided by klingler consultants. klingler consultants guarantees the absolute confidentiality of your data and is available to answer any questions you may have.
  2. klingler consultants then validates all salary data received in several steps and consolidates them in a detailed report.
  3. In addition to the statistical analysis of the remuneration data and the report on current remuneration practices, each participating company receives a detailed list of its own employees with regard to their position in relation to the market.


Further Information

In the context of this remuneration survey, klingler consultants ensures that no conclusions on remuneration data can be drawn about participating companies.

Further information on the remuneration survey and the relevant documents (registration form, product description, list of functions) can be downloaded here.