Diabetes Self-Management Specialist Group
Promoting structured self-sufficiency
The purpose of the Diabetes Self-Management Specialist Group is to help people suffering from this chronic illness to become self-sufficient - despite austerity measures in the health care system. Member companies are committed to ensuring high quality care in Switzerland and significantly reducing the cost of treatment. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: BVMed
Image source: BVMed

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  • Promote quality of care through structured self-management of diabetes
  • Reduce costs associated with treatment and related complications

  • Secure access to innovation

  • Ensure patient-friendly remuneration of the products via MiGeL


  • Create brochures (in German) and YouTube tutorials for Diabetes testing practices;
  • Publish position papers, opinions and responses;
  • Assure membership in the QualiCCare Association;
  • Participate in the MiGeL revision process (in German) and monitoring of the FOPH during the development of HTAs.


  • 6 members
  • Lead: Peter Jaeggi (Roche Diabetes Care Schweiz)


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