Disinfectants Specialist Group
For the highest hygiene standards
The providers of disinfectants within the specialist group are concerned with combating transmissible diseases in humans and animals. The members of the association work together with the authorities and other organizations to develop appropriate guidelines, laws, and standards - to constantly improve hygiene levels and protect against infection. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image Source: BVMed
Image Source: BVMed

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Disinfectants Specialist Group Information


  • Protect the health of humans and animals by combating transmissible diseases;
  • Improve hygiene and protection from infection;
  • Reduce risks associated with gray / parallel imports;
  • Prevent unfair competition


  • Inform physicians, pharmacists, and hygienists about new disinfectants and antiseptics;
  • Contribute to the development of various directives and laws;
  • Cooperate with various standards associations regarding test methods;
  • Create position papers (ex. on gray and parallel imports), responses, conduct market surveys


  • 17 members
  • Lead: Dr. Juergen Schwemmer (Lysoform AG)


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