Stoma / Continence Care Specialist Group
For high-quality and up-to-date care
The specialist group is committed to providing high-quality and needs-oriented stoma and continence care through innovative products that enable those affected to enjoy a normal life in society. To this end, members demand that service providers allow for patients' freedom of choice of products, as well as open access to innovations. (For more information please click link below picture)
Image source: BVMed
Image source: BVMed

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Specialist Group Information


  • Ensure needs-oriented and socially acceptable stoma care;
  • Guarantee freedom of choice for the supplier and the products;
  • Provide for the timely access of patients to innovations;
  • Promote rapid inclusion of necessary new items in the MiGeL medication, devices, and supplies list.


  • Create position papers including principles and demands for high-quality, needs-oriented care and fair reimbursement practices;
  • Collaborate with the MiGeL Revision Working Group of the BAG (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health), and represent the Association in the EALGK (Federal Commission for Analysis, Means and Objects);
  • Analyse stoma product reimbursement practices in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Great Britain.


  • 5 members
  • Lead: Joerg Baumann, General Counsel SWISS MEDTECH


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