Swiss Medtech
For a strong Swiss medtech industry
SWISS MEDTECH was established on 12 June 2017 following the merger of two national medtech organizations, FASMED and Medical Cluster. The new association represents the interests of the Swiss medtech industry. The aim is to maintain international competitiveness, innovative capacity, and to strengthen the domestic market.
Image source: BVMed
Image source: BVMed

Whether it be syringes, implants, wheelchairs, or MRIs - medical technology supplies people, doctors, and hospitals with vital products and applications. The domestic medtech industry generates annual sales of 14.1 billion and exports of 10.6 billion Swiss francs. It contributes 2.2% of the GDP. Swiss Medtech supports the Swiss medtech industry's continuing contribution to health care and the economy, as well as its ability to remain competitive internationally.

The Association represents the interests of the industry and serves 1,350 companies and 54,500 employees. It is committed to rapid patient access to innovation and high-quality standards. Swiss Medtech also initiates specialised training programmes, challenges rising levels of regulation, and pushes for free trade and fair tariffs. Together with its specialist groups and partners, the Association is committed to favourable conditions and to an attractive setting for research and other professional activities within Switzerland.

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Diabetes: Promoting structured self-sufficiency

14.11.17Early detection is one of the topics of the todays World Diabetes Day. The purpose of the SwIss Medtech "Diabetes Self-Management" Specialist Group is to help people suffering from this chronic illness to become self-sufficient.

Antibiotic resistance: Swiss medical device and diagnostic associations are committed to this issue

13.11.17Swiss Medtech's Patient Safety Specialist Group promotes Swiss objectives at the International Antibiotic Awareness Week under the leadership of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), and supports the NOSO and StAR federal initiatives.

New EU regulations: Kickoff for SIT discussion groups

7.11.17 – 50 medtech representatives discussed transitional provisions, as well as delegated and implementing acts at Swiss Medtech's MDR / IVDR Swiss Implementation Task Force (SIT) forum.

Swiss Medical Technology - optimised processes thanks to a focus on excipients

6.11.17 – Two companies demonstrated how to improve production through collaboration with customers at Swiss Medtech's [INSIGHT] event of "Cost-effectively machined - safely cleaned".

An export star thanks to innovation

30.10.17 – Swiss watches and pharmaceuticals are not alone in enjoying global fame; Swiss medical products are also renowned worldwide.


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