Swiss Medtech Webinar

Standards: Why and how they simplify life

In medical technology, standards are ubiquitous and critical for the safety of products and services. This webinar provides you with a comprehensive overview of standards and their benefits. It highlights the legal frameworks in which standards operate in medical technology, and you will learn more about the designation and structure of a standard.

Did you know that you can contribute your interests to standardization and help shape the development process of a standard? In the webinar, you will learn what is needed for this and how you can proceed.

Target group

This training is aimed at anyone in the medical technology industry who wants to ensure the quality of their products and understand the benefits of standardization.

The entire event will be held in German, starts at 12h30 and finishes at 14h00. It is free of charge for members of Swiss Medtech and ASD. All others can register for a fee of CHF 60. Please send us your most urgent questions already when registering.

Swiss Medtech Webinar
13th June 2024
in German

12h30 – 14h00


Dr. Daniel Delfosse

Vice Director

Head of Regulation & Innovation

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Angela D’Aranno

Project Manager

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