FASMED and Medical Cluster are joining forces to create SWISS MEDTECH

At their joint general assembly in Berne on 6 June 2016, the two Swiss medtech industry umbrella organisations, FASMED and Medical Cluster, adopted the shared goal of establishing a new association named SWISS MEDTECH. They plan to merge their activities by the middle of 2017 - significantly increasing the clout of this essential industry in Switzerland.

The aim of the planned alliance is to work together to improve conditions and strengthen the position of the Swiss medtech industry. It will also promote the attractiveness of the domestic medtech workplace and market, as well as the international competitiveness of the sector. The combined influence of over 600 member companies will facilitate the implementation of major projects and make tackling challenges easier.

It is also essential that political and public awareness of the medtech industry and its economic importance is raised through specially coordinated thematic activities. SWISS MEDTECH members will also be able benefit from opportunities tailored to the diversity of the industry, and the extensive network within the association.

One-year transition period
Both organisations have been working together closely for years and assist each other in organising events such as Swiss Medtech Day; as well as other major industry projects, communication campaigns, and the publication of papers such as the Swiss Medical Technology Industry SMTI sector study. Medical Cluster and FASMED will continue to focus on their respective business activities during the transition period between 7 June 2016 and mid-2017. The official founding of SWISS MEDTECH will take place on 12 June 2017.

About Medical Cluster

Medical Cluster's (www.medical-cluster.ch) vision and activities aim to position and promote Switzerland as the world's premium location for the development, production, and distribution of medtech products. It provides selected platforms and services designed and developed in close collaboration with industry players. The 400 members represent the entire medtech industry value chain, and include institutions of higher education, specialised suppliers and - the core of the cluster - producers of finished products. More than 800 experts from industry and R&D take part annually in congresses, member forums and networking events to share their knowledge and experience, as well as foster contacts.

About Fasmed

The Swiss medtech umbrella organisation includes over 230 of the most important medtech industry and trade companies in Switzerland. FASMED (www.fasmed.ch) is committed to the preservation and promotion of market-based healthcare structures which enable medtech companies to continue providing first-rate care. To this end, FASMED maintains close contact with political authorities, administrative bodies and key partners such as physicians, hospitals, and health insurance providers within Switzerland. FASMED also informs and advises on, among other things, specialist, economic and legal issues.